Martin Coult

Martin is an IT Special Projects Manager who lives in Derbyshire with wife Eileen, 8 chickens and the occasional pig. Apart from a year post school working on a farm, most of his life has been spent in the construction industry, the last 20 of these for the VELUX Group, Danish manufacturers of roof windows.

He suffered a devastating stroke on 23rd December 2009, which left him in a wheelchair for several months and ultimately with a severe foot drop. With a supportive family and working for a generous and patient employer, he was able to return to work within a year.

Martin feels lucky to have come out favorably on the other side of the stroke experience and knows that others are far less fortunate. It is for this reason he was motivated to give something back and to get involved with the Nottingham Stroke Research Partnership Group (@astroke), where he first came into contact with Ossie. He supports Nottingham University’s efforts to “make a difference” whilst making sure that the voice of the stroke survivor contributes - Martin believes patients need to be heard, not patronised, and to be part of the recovery development process.

Martin echoes Ossie's epithet - “This is about tomorrow, not today...”

We are here to try and make a difference to the many thousands of people who don’t yet know what’s about to hit them, and hopefully by supporting excellent research students, we can help reduce the impact of this terrible disease.