Day 3

Three runners - Dominic Towle, Tom Brown and Roger Harrison - set off from Edinburgh Castle on 9th October to begin their epic challenge of running 262 miles over 5 days - the equivalent of 2 marathons each day. On Day 3 they ran from Newcastle upon Tyne to Carthorpe – some 58 miles, with 1,350 feet of climbs.


Why are they doing this?

Tom’s story

 My name is Tom Brown and I work for the Royal Mail in Nottingham. I have been running for the past 5 years with my close friends and work colleagues Dominic and Roger. We recently ran the length of Hadrian’s Wall for the Billy’s House charity which cares for children suffering from cancer and we also ran from Nottingham to Skegness to raise money for a colleague’s daughter who had Leukaemia.

I feel that that this next event will not only be for a great cause in supporting the Ossie Newell Foundation Trust to raise money to sponsor PhD Students who will carry out research into stroke rehabilitation for the benefit of patients and families to lead better lives after stroke, but will also be close to my heart and personal to me as my grandfather suffered a stroke 24 years ago, which has left him with severe disability.

I look forward to the task in hand with great enthusiasm and hopefully we will make a huge contribution to the Foundation and a significant difference to all people in need of excellent rehabilitation.

As a team we will complete 10 marathons each, a total of 30 Marathons in all, quite an epic challenge. We have set this extremely ambitious challenge to raise much larger amounts of money than we have normally done before because we feel this is such a worthy cause!

One in six people will have a stroke in their lifetime. The impact of stroke in the UK takes a toll not just on the patient, but on family and friends and not insignificantly on the financial resources of an already stretched health service. The Ossie Newell Foundation is dedicated to providing funding to support one PhD student per annum at the University of Nottingham with the aim of raising the level of research in the area of rehabilitation after stroke.

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Good luck ONF castle2castle team!