The Ossie Newell Foundation


Dear Visitor

Statement for the ONF Website.

It is with some regret, but also a great deal of pride in what we have achieved, that I announce that the Ossie Newell Foundation Trust is to be dissolved.
Regret, because I as the founder & Chair of the Trust, have decided that due to my advancing years & deteriorating health, I should stand down from my role- leaving too large a gap for the remaining Trustees to fill.

A great deal of pride, because the Foundation has achieved so much over the last 3 & a half years.

The support that we have had, which has made it possible to do so much in such a short time frame, has been outstanding.

We are very grateful to all those who have supported & contributed to our cause & the Foundation’s considerable success, thank you all so much.

Although the Foundation is being dissolved its legacy will live on, not only in the PhD students who have still to complete their research, but also in the research project “A Pathway to Positivity.” This research project supported by the Foundation and matched by funding from the University of Nottingham will seek to identify pathways of good management practice in relation to return-to-work for stroke survivors.

Over the last three and a half years, with the help from all our supporters ONF has raised an amazing £43,500. In addition, the University of Nottingham has agreed to match fund some of this, so we are extremely pleased to be able to announce that between us £77,500 has been raised to fund research into stroke rehabilitation through the Foundation. This will make a huge difference to the lives of stroke survivors.

Ossie Newell